Landscape Design
Our full design studio and expertise in the patterns and elements of landscape design can simplify your garden project and save you time and money.

Water Conservation

Waterwise and native landscaping can be beautiful and reduce waste when done by specialists.  Encourage native insects habitats with a fusion of wild color. These landscapes offer powerful reminders that we are part of the ecosystem, not lord over it.

Theme Design

 Designs can be adapted to fulfill your dreams.  For example, feng shui, cottage garden, permaculture and edible landscaping, secret garden, or even tropical gardens may take you back to a vision of relaxation and tranquility.

Family Landscaping

Designs can emphasize the wonder of childhood.  Play areas, paths, boulders to climb, outdoor kitchens, sport and game courts, fire stands, and pools or water features.  Anything to compete with screen time.

“We loved working with Tony! Not only is he passionate about landscape architecture and design, but he is extremely knowledgeable about native plants and trees. He was attentive to our various design ideas and made them come together cohesively. We appreciated the artistry he brought to our yard design.”
L. Hymas - Idaho


Recent outbreaks of fires throughout the West have devastated many lives and destroyed many homes.  For those living on the edge of rangeland or natural areas, proper design elements and specific plant material could mean the difference between life altering events.  Firewise certified homes offer a protective barrier of attractive low volatility plant material.

Edible and Permiculture Design

Our specialists revel in the idea of unwasted space.  For those clients with a green thumb and the desire to have a green space to wander and taste the fruits of success, we recommend an ediblescape.  Ediblescapes are landscapes designed with edible, medicinal, and usable plant material – sometimes refered to as ethnobotany principles.

Landscape Design Quote

Please tell us about the current landscape and your desired theme